DAILY BREAD | Concept and Art Direction 

An ode to iconic South African street food guided by real interviews with locals on how they like it done - in crispy batter or drenched in sauce.

A Film By: Studio H and Motion City Films


A STUDY IN IKEBANA | Videography 

This is a project about process. About the time it takes to position a stem next to a flower. About the space you leave in between them. It's the stripping back of small leaves and branches so that your eye has a path to follow. And about considering the softness of a plant against the hardness of a block of concrete.

A collaborative project with Cynthia Fan and Meghan Ho-Tong. Music by Ross Dorkin. 


VIDEO: VOICE NOTES FROM SOUTH AFRICAN WOMEN | Concept, Co-Direction & Production

South African women today take stock of where we are now while calling out sexism, calling for change, defining equality on their own terms, and saying what they want.

A Film By: Maxime Thaysen, Helen J. Raine, Alix-Rose Cowie, Jolynn Minnaar

Featuring: Lesoko Vuyokazi Seabe; Anja Venter; Amy and Frances Elliot Lester; Jabu Nadia Newman; Didintle Ntsie; Genevieve Putter, Adele Blank, Lisa Fisher; Femme: Kim Windvogel, Kelly Eve Koopman, Loren Loubser; Tshepo and Hadiya Moche
Edited by Melanie Golden at Deepend Post Production
Sound design by Christopher Carter at The Echo Department
Make-up artist: Gabrielle Kidwell
Equipment provided by Zootee Studios


Official music video for FAKA's 'Queenie' Prod. Angel-Ho | Food styling

I designed and styled a typical South African Christmas feast for a scene in FAKA's official music video for their track 'Queenie' (Prod. Angel-Ho). I was assisted by Amber Rose Cowie.

Directed and produced by Jabulile Nadia Newman and Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose. Full credits here